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Part Time
Title Kickin Cajun Server
Categories Part Time
Start Date 2014-06-13
Location West Covina, CA
Job Information

Job Overview
Do you just love to interact with our guests and ensure they have a great experience when dining at the Garlic Crab Restaurant? Our servers are responsible for positive guest interactions while serving guests in a friendly and efficient manner. At all times, servers are expected to be attentive to our guest needs and making them feel welcome, comfortable, important and relaxed.

General Responsibilities
– Prepares the tables, laying out napkins and utensils, making sure the condiments are refilled, performing all other preparation tasks.
– Staying updated on current menu choices, specialties and menu deviations, knowing if the kitchen staff is running out of any items…etc.
– Handle the table bookings, direct customers to their tables, presenting menus, suggesting dishes, assisting in drink selection, communicating specific customer needs to the cooks.

Job Qualifications Experience:
– Previous serving experience preferred.
– Must speak English fluently and be able to write in basic English.


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